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We can help companies to ‘future proof’ their communications functions as well as help their teams flourish and grow.

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Communications capability reviews

A bespoke consultancy service, this allows firms to determine how their communications functions should be best structured and resourced to increase performance and to deliver against the firm’s strategic goals.

Enabling clients to ‘future proof’ their corporate affairs and communications functions, the service determines what firms’ optimum communications capability should be, as well as, if required,  identifying ‘best in class’ external and internal communications professionals for succession planning purposes. Comprehensive benchmarking data can also be included within the project, to allow clients to see how their corporate  communications functions compare with those of other similar organisations. Communications capability reviews ensure that organisations understand what type of communications structure will work best for their specific organisation, as well as, crucially, making sure that there is alignment and clarity between all other key areas of the business.

Whilst each project is unique, communications capability reviews typically comprise a combination of both quantitative and qualitative research to include 1) an in-depth analysis of the existing corporate communications function, 2) identification of what’s working and what isn’t, 3) benchmarking analysis to show how other similar organisations structure and resource their corporate communications functions, 4) comprehensive advice on how best to improve the existing communications function, 5) an overview of industry remuneration levels and further bespoke data analysis and 6) a summary of the latest key industry communications trends.


Cayhill Partners was critical in helping us to understand what we needed in our global communications and marketing function and they created a short and long term plan for our organisation. I highly recommend Dee and her team in supporting a business wanting to re-engineer their communications & marketing functions.

Carolyn Koenig, Chief Human Resources Officer, Laird plc