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We’re not just another search firm that produces formulaic shortlists. We began out of a desire to offer a different way of working.

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Fairness & transparency

Fairness for our clients means:

  • Invoices are only raised once specific milestones have been achieved. Unlike some search firms we do not charge on a 0/30/60 day basis but on achieving actual milestones such as client approval of the short list.
  • No expensive mark-ups or additional expenses. We don’t charge additional expenses on top of the agreed fees. Which means that the fee you are quoted is the fee you pay.
  • A 12-month guarantee. Each candidate we place is backed up by a 12-month guarantee. So in the highly unlikely event that they don’t work out, we will find a replacement, free of charge.
  • Discretion and candour. We recognise that our clients hire us for our expertise and appreciate that means that we sometimes have to have difficult conversations as well as challenge the status quo.

Fairness for our candidates:

Having been on the receiving end of head-hunting approaches ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to engaging and building trust with candidates.

  • Honest and timely feedback. All too often candidates wait an age for feedback following client interviews, which is frustrating for them and reflects badly on the search firm and the client. We commit to giving interview feedback immediately after receiving it from our clients.
  • RespectWe treat candidates as we would want to be treated ourselves. Which means not only getting the basics right – being respectful, discreet, on time for meetings, returning calls quickly, understanding their needs and aspirations – but also being honest with them by offering insightful, realistic career counsel.

Dee partnered with us on a sensitive communications & PR project and her senior practitioner’s insight into the discipline was apparent from the start. Her ability to probe, research, deconstruct, analyse and objectively assess a communications function – and provide advice on how best to build and develop that function – was extremely valuable. She is flexible, genuine, discreet and a pleasure to work with.

Fiona Roberts, former Human Resources Director, Volkswagen Group