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We’re not just another search firm that produces formulaic shortlists. We began out of a desire to offer a different way of working.

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Complete flexibility

We recognise that no two clients and no two roles are the same. That’s why we offer a flexible package of services that are as individual as the clients we work with. Each is geared to our clients’ specific needs and include:

  • Thought-provoking short lists. Too often the same old names emerge on executive search short lists, meaning that there is no diversity of talent and therefore no diversity of thinking. We recognise that good candidates aren’t always found in the obvious places and have that rare ability to uncover exceptional candidates who bring fresh perspectives and different experiences to an organisation.
  • Flexible fee structures. We offer clients a choice of fee structures including a fixed fee option for those who prefer to know upfront what the total cost of the project will be, the traditional percentage based fee, and uniquely, an option where a proportion of the search fee is deferred until the placed candidate has shown to have added tangible value to an organisation.
  • Adaptable time frames. We recognise that sometimes the standard 12-week search time frame just won’t do and so we can adapt our search process to meet our clients’ specific time pressures.
  • Multi-sector knowledge. Because we are flexible and don’t operate in sector silos, we are able to challenge the traditional communications orthodoxies and target candidates across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, ensuring that our clients have access to a host of different and valuable candidate experience and skills.

As a candidate, Cayhill Partners offered me great, personal support throughout the search process; I felt they wanted what was best for me as well as for the client. They had an indepth understanding of the client's unique requirements and were always one step ahead, with excellent planning and follow-up. They are professional, efficient and supportive. Overall, I'm very impressed.

Robert Rooney, Communications Director, Naspers