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Beyond Corporate Affairs

Our comprehensive report ‘Beyond Corporate Affairs; How can senior communicators secure non-executive director roles to broaden their careers’ is the result of interviews with over 100 communications leaders as well as with FTSE chairmen. 

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The report raises important issues for a number of stakeholders:

  • For corporate affairs directors eager to take on other leadership roles, being a strong communications leaders is a start but not enough on its own. Senior communicators need to expand their skills to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and leadership outside of the confines of the discipline;
  • For chairmen, particularly those that are keen to expand their boardroom talent pool, increase levels of diversity around the top table, as well as improve their corporate reputation management and risk identification, appointing those with corporate affairs experience could add a unique element to their NED team;
  • For CEOs keen to retain their senior communications leaders, the research illustrates that giving them added responsibilities internally whilst sponsoring them for external NED positions can pay dividends;
  • And for the communications industry as a whole the research shows that it needs to be far more proactive in articulating the unique capabilities of senior communications practitioners, as well as help educate the wider business world about the value a background in communications can bring to NED and other leadership roles.

Click here to read the full report 

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An investigation into the career aspirations -including NED roles - of today's corporate affairs and communications leaders